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Wedding Stationery Wording and Style

“Raleigh Calligraphy and The Delightful Details have teamed up to bring you ideas for setting the tone for your wedding through your stationery and wording. We are thrilled to have Lori with us to share her insider tips!”


As a guest, the first introduction to your wedding will be the wedding stationery. Who knew that a few words on pieces of paper would set the entire tone of your wedding? Your choice of wording, font and colors will tell your guests what to expect on your big day. First, let’s set the style you want for your wedding.


You may have been dreaming about this day your entire life – or not, and that’s ok too. Either way, you will need to choose a style for your wedding. As you begin to narrow down the details for the event, the style will be reflected in each element.

Staying consistent with this style in your wedding stationery is important. Your guests will look to your invitation as a clue of what to expect. To create that cohesive look carefully choose fonts, colors and paper to convey your wedding style. Think of this part of wedding planning as setting the brand for your special day.


Now that you’ve selected the visuals of your wedding stationery, make sure that your wording reflects the same tone. You wouldn’t want the wording of your invitations to be casual if you are planning a very traditional wedding. The standard invitation wording elements are:

  • Host(s)
  • Occasion to celebrate
  • Couple to marry
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location of Ceremony
  • Location of Reception
  • RSVP
  • Suggested Attire

Here are some example wedding invitation wordings based on each style.


Formal invitations typically spell out dates and times. The host of the wedding (traditionally the bride’s parents) is listed at the beginning of the invitation inviting guests to share in this special day.


The traditional invitation is very similar to a formal invitation, but some wording can be softened, like spelling out dates.


In recent wedding trends the bride and groom are the hosts or both parents are helping to pay for the wedding. The host section of the invitation changes to be more flexible. You’ll notice that much of the wording becomes more casual, particularly for dates and times. In this example, the ceremony and reception will take place in the same location.



For a more casual wedding, the couple can choose to be more fun in their wedding invitation wording. The reception is now a BBQ and lawn games, which gives guests a clear picture of what to expect. Many of the elements stay the same, but the tone is significantly more laid back.

Addressing the Envelope

I’m sure you’ve addressed an envelope many times before. But your wedding invitations require an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Before your guest reads the invitation, the outside of the envelope can speak volumes. Choose between formal or casual salutations based on your intended style. This easy chart will show you how to address your envelope according to style.

Casual Formal
John Smith Mr. John Smith
Jane Smith Ms. Jane Smith
John and Jane Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
John Smith and Jane Jones Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Jones
John Smith & Guest Mr. John Smith & Guest
Jane Smith & Family The Family of Jane Smith

Many older generation family members may be very attuned to proper addressing. Be cautious not to address someone incorrectly, particularly using the formal style. Emily Post [link to] is always a great resource for questions regarding unique salutations.

There are several options for addressing your envelopes. You can print them using your home computer, but getting the correct alignment can be tricky. I suggest ordering extra envelopes to test print several times. Another option is to hire a calligrapher, like Raleigh Calligraphy, to hand address your envelopes. This is a special added touch that will be noticed by your guests.

More Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is more than just your invitation suite. The same colors, fonts and wording style should be used across your programs, escort cards, menu and signage for the day of your wedding. Repeat any design elements from your invitation suite across your stationery to create consistency. Calligraphy is another great option to incorporate a custom touch to your other wedding stationery.

The style you have created in your wedding stationery is just the beginning of beautiful elements for your wedding day. Enjoy choosing all of the delightful details along the way!



Lori is on a mission to help newly engaged couples who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the thought of wedding planning. Her love for details, knack for organizing and ease of planning her own recent wedding lead to the creation of The Delightful Details.

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Thank you Lori! Do you have a favorite invitation style? Share it with us in the comments below!

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11 Things Perfect for Valentine’s Day

It’s nearly February and that means it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day, or any excuse to get out the crape paper and confetti. Here’s a roundup of 11 things to help you celebrate with your Valentine.


Wilton Valentine's Day Breakfast

First things first, let’s talk breakfast. LOVE this Valentine’s Day breakfast idea from ACMoore. Such a fun way to make eating breakfast extra special. At you’ll find the tutorial complete with recipes for those little muffins and donuts. Though to save time, when I recreate this on Valentine’s Day, I’ll probably be using remade donuts.



I Love You To The Moon And Back Hand Stamped Necklace

This sterling silver necklace is hand stamped by Azure Rose. I love you to the moon and back… How adorable is that? Cute enough to gift for Valentine’s Day? I think so!




Rose Gold Druzy Heart Post Earrings

If you don’t feel like sporting red this Valentines Day, you can at least wear heart shaped earrings! Love how these would work while your at the office or on a night out with your sweetheart. These studs by Walk on the Moon might just be the most adorable druzy earrings I’ve seen yet.


Pink Striped Cosmetic Bag
This chic striped cosmetic bag is made by Shelby Dillon Studio. A dreamy pink makeup bag would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Plus it’s something she can use year round. Win-win.


If you need a special card for your special someone snag one of our premium XOXO cards. But hurry, we’re offering free US shipping on this card only while supplies lasts now through Valentine’s Day!


LOVE, set of four, Hand Painted Mason Jars | Rustic, Home Decor -- Red, Pink and White Mason Jars
This set of 3 distressed mason jars are so cute to punch up your Valentine’s Day decor.  Curious Carrie sells hundreds of mason jars and candles.
You had us at mason jars, Curious Carrie.
be mine BURLAP banner - Valentines day burlap banner - Valentines day bunting - holiday home decor - Valentine garland
Banners are one of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays. If you’re getting married, a banner like this one by Butterfly Above would make a great prop in your wedding pictures and double as a Valentine’s Day decoration you could pull out each year as a sweet reminder of your wedding day.
Valentines Day Cake Pops by HeavenSentDesserts on Etsy
These cake pops by Heaven Sent Desserts look amazing! It’s funny. When you bake with a toddler, your baked goods stop looking like the pictures on the front of the cake boxes.
Oatmeal and strawberry color socks. Valentines Day women Gifts Knit socks. Handmade Knee high Socks Wool socks Warm winter socks.
And finally, cozy oatmeal and strawberry colored socks to keep you warm and snuggled up on the couch next to your sweetheart. These knee high socks are made in Belarus by My Moms Shop.
What are your favorite Valentine’s Day things? I hope you’ll be able to draw some inspiration from this roundup to create a sweet and memorable day with your loves!
PS. We’re redesigning our site! We’re so excited to show you the changes REAL soon. In the meantime, we’re keeping our Etsy shop open and orders will not be interrupted. Happy shopping!

Avoid Doing This When Making Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year full of new possibilities. This is the time of year we make lists and lists of resolutions. We make plans for the future, which hooray, is now here. We plan and we plot and we carefully craft our goals.

Oftentimes, when we’re rushing to ring in the new year we think of all the things we’ll do differently. All the things that we’ll fix or do better.

But while you’re reflecting on your new resolutions, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for all the good things you did this past year. Because there were good things. All those many, many things you did RIGHT.

Even if this past year was not your year, you have to admit there were somethings that you flat out nailed.

I want to encourage you to make those resolutions. Set those goals. Take advantage of this fresh start at a new year.

That said, I also hope you remember the good things you accomplished this past year. In other words, don’t be so quick dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.

Happy New Year everyone!

Wedding Guest List: How to Format it and When to Book a Calligrapher

{Your Wedding Guest List}

This will vary from calligrapher to calligrapher because some work full-time while others work part-time, some work on multiple projects at a time, etc.

For me, turnaround time depends on quantity of envelopes or complexity of your project, and availability on my calendar. I book my calendar on a first come first serve basis. Typically, it’s about 1 week for 100 envelopes.

It’s best to send an inquiry about two months in advance of the date you wish to mail out your invites (not the date of your wedding). More if your getting married in the peak wedding months as those months tend to book faster for wedding professionals including calligraphers.

The best way to determine current turnaround times is to send an email with your specifics (total guests and desired completion date). And if your in a pinch ask about rushed options. Most calligraphers will accommodate if possible, but some will charge a fee to do so.

It’s never too early to reach out and check availability. Plus doing so early is a good way to make sure you get a spot on the calligrapher’s calendar. So drop a line just to say hi and follow their social accounts to stay in touch and on top of their bookings.


Calligraphers want to see the names and addresses presented vertically rather than horizontally. At Raleigh Calligraphy & Design we ask that the address lists is typed in label format and center aligned (two or three columns per page is ideal).

Avoid submitting your list in spreadsheet format. Why? Data presented horizontally across a spreadsheet is very difficult to translate to the best placement on an envelope.

But there’s no need to panic if your guest list is already in a spreadsheet. Depending upon your software, the address data in most spreadsheets can be imported to a Word document and converted to label format via the “mail merge”.

And remember to proofread your list carefully!


Follow these simple examples of formal wedding etiquette of the three most common recipient types when compiling your list:

Couple with Same Last Name

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

123 Fairytale Way

Raleigh, North Carolina


Couple with Different Last Names

Ms. Anna Murphy

Mr. Marcus Levin

222 Love View

Cary, North Carolina



Ms. Samantha Wise

2015 Ever After Court

Raleigh, North Carolina



Ms. Megan Holliday

2015 Ever After Court

Raleigh, North Carolina


When in doubt… contact your calligrapher ;)

Are you getting married in 2017? Congrats!! I’m currently booked through February 2017 but still have availability in March. If you’d like to book my calligraphy services for your wedding or event send me an email at and let’s hand letter your big day!

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Making Hand Lettered Pumpkins

In our house, we love pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, jack-o-lanterns, you name it. As soon as our local farms have pumpkins to sell, we buy them. A lot of them.

This year we made our own pumpkin puree to use in a pie. We used the instructions I found here. But honestly, after decorating all the pumpkins and roasting the pumpkin seeds, it was a little much to think we could make pie right then and there. So we just froze the puree to use later. You know, when we feel like baking again. Next fall.

One of my favorite ways to decorate pumpkins is to write on them. Which probably isn’t a surprise considering I love to write on most anything. Okay, everything. [wink]

If you’re planning to write on your pumpkin avoid washable markers like Crayola and opt for a sharpie. I like to use the Oil Based Sharpies as they work best and look more vibrant and glossy after they dry. Much like paint, but a whole lot easier.

I use these markers on a lot of custom calligraphy orders when I need to write on something other than paper. The Sharpies have great coverage on most surfaces plus they go on smooth. I buy them at my local craft store but you can also order them on Amazon.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt off the surface and dry completely before writing on the pumpkin. If your staring at your pumpkin not sure where to start, you can use a white marker first and trace over the design in a darker color. The white marker is hardly noticeable from a far so it makes a great guide, even if it’s not perfect.

So what will you write on your pumpkin? I had a special request from my toddler to draw some bats and write BOO! Writing on the pumpkin with the markers was easy and a lot of fun. But let them dry for a few minutes before touching your gorgeous work or you may end up with painted fingers.

Other adorable phrases to write on your pumpkin: 

-Happy Fall

-Fall Y’all

-Trick or Treat

-All the Candy!

If you wrote on your pumpkin this year, let us know how it came out by commenting below. Was it easier than you thought? What did you write? Can’t wait to see how they come out!


Typography A-Z: Creating Outside the Box!

Last month we kicked off a #letteringchallenge and it was a blast! If you followed along, then thanks for joining in the fun! If you missed it or just missed some of the letters, keep reading for a complete recap.

Twenty-six days of lettering in styles ranging from copperplate calligraphy to modern brush lettering. The goal was to step outside my comfort zone and try new styles while also experimenting with different mediums.

Some letters were drawn with a dip pen and calligraphy inks others were drawn with my toddler’s Crayola markers. {smile} I found myself writing on something other than my favorite paper (cotton linen) and doodled my way through paper bags, porcelain and even wood.


Some of which turned into brand new creations, like hand lettered coffee mugs and signs that are now available in my shop. {yay!}

It goes to show that when we step outside of our comfort zones we open ourselves up to a world of new possibilities and hopefully many great things to come.

(Want more? Click on an image to see all the new products in store!)

a b c d e f gh i j k l m n op q r s t uv w xy zxoxo-red-rose


Alphabet Challenge: 26 Days of Hand Lettered ABC’s

Like everything else, handwriting gets better with practice. That’s why I’ll be hosting an alphabet lettering challenge on Instagram and Facebook.

Join in on the fun and follow me as I post a new letter of the alphabet each day. The goal is to hand draw each letter in a variety of styles and mediums. I’ll tag each photo on social media with #letteringchallenge.

So if you’ve been dreaming of dreamy writing, this is something you can easily do with me! Just draw, snap a picture and post it using the hashtag. Just don’t forget to tag me @RaleighCalligraphy so I can see comment and share some of your best work on my page.

All skill levels are welcome, because the more the merrier. {smile}

The #letteringchallenge is starting August 1st. Get ready to share your ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYandZ’s! Yep. That about sums it up. {wink}

I’ll be posting updates here on the blog as well as a recap post at the end of the challenge.

If we’re not already besties on social media, you can follow me here: Instagram Facebook Pinterest

So go pull out a fresh notebook and some writing supplies and I’ll see you on Monday. Have an awesome weekend!