Meet the Boss Behind the Brand: Interview with Moira and Badseed Studio

We made it. It’s Friday. {YAY} And what makes today even better than the average Friday? Well friends, today I get to share an interview I did with aftcra artisan, Moira. AKA artist, boss babe extraordinaire. {smile} Moira is so great and her work is amazing, but I’ll let her tell you more. All yours, Moira!

Please introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Moira McAdams (hi!) and I’m the creator of Badseed Studio, a line of handmade concrete home décor. I’m a Wisconsinite, and recent graduate of UW-Madison where I studied landscape architecture and environmental studies. It was during that time that I discovered decorative concrete and I’m still seeing where it will take me! Being an artist was never part of my plan but I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue it.


Where are you physically located and where can we find you online?

I work between my home town of Milwaukee, and Madison, where I currently reside and work out of my one bedroom apartment. Online I sell on Etsy at and aftcra at My website,, features some of additional projects I’ve worked on and is currently under construction.
You can also find me on facebook:
and Instagram @badsseed


How important has social media been for growing your business?

Social media was intimidating at first (and still kind of is?!), particularly facebook and twitter because I just didn’t know what to say! Instagram was the easiest way for me to grow my brand and build a following using photos from my life, without feeling like I was indulging in too much shameless self-promotion. I feel like I’m connecting with customers as myself rather than as a business. It’s even been helpful in developing my target audience, as I follow people with such great taste that I find myself thinking ‘would this person buy this product?’.


How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I actually bought my first bag of cement to make a concrete tabletop for a woodworking class about a year before I opened my business. What was left over I quickly used up by pouring it into pretty much any usable vessel I could find – including old Tupperware, milk cartons, and even empty toilet paper rolls. Decorative concrete is awesome because there’s not a whole lot of precedent (read- no rules!) and experimenting is still my favorite part of the process.  The industrial elements of concrete are influential to me, but I’m especially inspired by the challenge of creating something delicate and beautiful that contradicts the traditional aesthetic.


How did you get started making your products?

It took about a year of practice and learning on my part before I felt comfortable opening my shop on Etsy, followed by a lot of improvement in the next few months. I’m still evolving my business all the time – its definitely a work in progress!


What was one of the challenges of starting your company?

The biggest hurdle to overcome was my own perfectionism. It was so tempting to keep putting off my grand opening until everything was just right – if I had, I probably still wouldn’t be open! My advice to anyone with an idea they believe in is to go for it. Things may never be quite perfect, but the experience of putting yourself out there is the best way to learn and get better.


How many employees do you have? Do you outsource any aspects of your business? (i.e. accounting, legal)

I’m a one woman show! It’s been an adventure in this first year of business learning to do everything myself from design and creation to photography, packaging, marketing and most recently, taxes. I think it’s important to be involved in all the ins and outs. That being said, one of my goals for the next year will be to relinquish some control and give myself more time to make!


What is one of your favorite parts about being being your own boss?

Being my own boss is a dream come true. I’m a very self motivated person and it’s a great feeling waking up every morning to work hard on something that I care about. It is hard work, but totally worth it. Plus I get to hang out with my pooch and take lots of walk breaks!

Thanks, Moira! I LOVE the minimalist look of concrete planters and coasters. And since those coasters come in many colors, they’d make the cutest wedding favors. Just think, mint painted coasters pulling double duty as table decor and favors. {ah sigh}

What are your thoughts about this interview with Badseed Studio? If you have any other questions for Moira or thoughts on on future interviews I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


Tiffany Anne


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