A Year From Now…

What can you do in a year?

Take up a new hobby… Finally read through War and Peace… Master a new skill… Learn a foreign language… Fall in love… Write a book or a blog {wink}… Enroll in classes to advance your career… Start a business or a family…

The possibilities are endless here. Karen Lamb said it best when she said, “A year from now you may wish you had started today.” This is one of my favorite quotes at the moment. I especially love how it can apply to both personal life and business life. A year (okay a year plus) ago we started our family and took a gamble on our dreams, and I am so glad we did. A year from now, I will be grateful I never gave up on my business despite the many challenges of entrepreneurship.

A year is a long time. Or is it? People will often tell me that they love my work and that they wish they were as talented. {blush} I am always quick to stop them and encourage them to try. Okay, confession time: my regular handwriting is not glamorous and my grocery list does not warrant framing. {smile} Like most things in life, calligraphy is a learned skill. A skill that took me roughly a year to ‘master’. Which to most people may sound discouraging, but the year is going to pass whether you’re learning skills and doing things, or not. So why not give your future self something to thank you for, maybe she’ll buy you a drink to celebrate. {wink}

So what will you be doing now, that will earn you a watermelon martini a year from now? I’d love to hear what you are working on/planning that will pay off done the line. Feel free to share in the comments. For me, I’m a writer, so I’m writing…

Tiffany Anne


  1. Good post! Yes it’s true: procrastination is so lame. It’s easy, of course, to put off doing what you should be. I think I’m going to start soon to get on track with making regular doctors appointments. I haven’t gone in years. I don’t want to become THAT girl, you know?

    Popping over from the EBT…

    1. Thanks for dropping a few lines from the EBT, Melissa. I hope you make the call and kick procrastination to the curb where she belongs. Good luck!

  2. 1. Ask Santa for a better camera so I can resume my interest in photography.
    2. Get my craft room completely organized.
    3. Begin writing poetry again. Don’t know why I quit.
    4. Unload all my stuff around my sewing machine so I can sew a few things again.
    5. Pursue crafting some home decor items…pictures, wall hangings, etc.
    6. I’m sure there’s more, but at least this is a start.

    1. Hi Laura! Great list and thank you for sharing! I think you’ll have a round of drinks before you know it. Actually, you probably have a lot to thank your ‘past-self’ for so maybe a drink is in order sooner than later :)

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