Be Inspired- Never Let Criticism Hold You Back

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Aristotle once said, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, Say nothing and Be nothing.” Thanks, Aristotle, those are wise words. And they’re true. We should never let the fear of criticism hold us back. I think most would agree that it’s better to try and fail than to never have tried at all.

With that in mind, I urge you gamble on yourself. Take a chance, and put yourself and your dream out into the world. And no matter what you’re faced with, keep walking toward your dream. Let yourself be ALL in. Do your best to block out criticism and focus instead on your next foothold as you scale your Everest. And congratulate yourself on little victories along the way.

There will be days when you hesitate to take a step forward. When all you can think about are the critics lining your path… waiting for you to miss step. But by holding yourself back from stepping up you automatically put a limit on what you can achieve.

So just climb and try not to worry about how you look covered in sweat or how your voice sounds as it trembles. There will always be critics. Now and when you become that legendary rock star. {wink} The thing about criticism is that it gets easier to ignore with the higher you climb. And that’s because the critics stay at the bottom. And sooner or later their squeaky voices will be out of earshot. 

Have an excellent week and feel free to share one of your favorite quotes in the comments.



Tiffany Anne


  1. I’d been struggling with the same issue. Sometimes to move forward you really have to block the commentary and focus on making the best work you can. That in itself is rewarding.

  2. That sure is some great penmanship. Are those all of the styles of calligraphy? Also beautiful painting astute backdrop.

    1. Thanks Jack! This quote was hand lettered in two calligraphy styles: Copperplate and Gothic. You can see more of my styles by visiting my Etsy shop (link to the right). Glad you liked the painting! It’s actually an original oil painting my husband and I made ages ago!

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